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Drive Better Citizen Engagement, Increase Trust

Build trust by communicating in easy to understand, accessible language

Our Language Analysis Platform allows your agency to:

  • Ensure all letters, disclosures, and web updates are clear and understandable
  • Build trust with citizens and businesses
  • Increase compliance levels by writing clear, non-jargon filled content
  • Create accessible content for people with low literacy levels
  • Lower call traffic to your contact centers
"I’m on temporary loan to the Public Health Agency of Canada to help with web writing about COVID-19. This pandemic has underscored the essential nature of plain language during a crisis. When communication is critical, plain language is essential. There’s no room for ambiguity."

Susan Scruton

Senior Communications Advisor and Web Writer, Government of Canada

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The Challenge

Government employees communicate in multiple ways. They create:

  • Letters, notices, and disclosures
  • Information about services
  • Contact center scripts

The list goes on. But how can you “see” the quality of all this content?

How do you know if it will engage the reader and communicate the message?

Business writers don’t know they’re writing at a complex level

Here’s the thing, subject matter experts who write content often don’t realize they’re using jargon and “insider-speak”. They’re not even aware of the issue. They need readability metrics.

When writers see the metrics alongside guidance, they get an “aha” moment. Simplifying content and flagging jargon at the time of writing leads to more accessible, easy to grasp content. And reduces review bottlenecks.


The Solution

Instantly self-score your content

Writers analyze their own MS Word Docs, PDFs, and Raw Text for plain language and complex, jargon-laden copy.

  • Actionable feedback for SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and business writers
  • Score all content types; letters, disclosure statements, directives, blog copy, etc.
  • Instantly flag complex Sentences, overuse of passive-voice, jargon and corporate-speak
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Monitor quality across all written content

Leadership can quantify the effectiveness of their plain language program roll-out. They can see the content quality improvements across hundreds of self-scoring writers.

VT Insights allows you:

  • Track Individual and Team Usage
  • Measure Clarity Improvements across all teams
  • Flag Jargon and complex language
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