Webinar: How to leverage AI-driven theme discovery in VT Docs for success at scale


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VisibleThread is delighted to announce the release of VT Docs 4.0 featuring New Discovery.

Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), New Discovery automatically isolates key themes across multiple files spanning hundreds of pages to reduce risk. To date, the reality for most organizations is that this analysis has been a time-consuming manual process–until now.

​​In this session, we’ll hear from Founder & CEO of VisibleThread, Fergal McGovern, on the evolution of New Discovery. This will be followed by a live demo of its capabilities by Kyle Peterson, Customer Success Principal Strategist at VisibleThread.

Kyle will discuss how New Discovery can help you to:

  • Conduct past performance analysis of RFPs. Take past proposal content and recycle it in support of an existing proposal effort to save time and increase your chances of winning a new contract.
  • Identify risk in contractual terms and conditions. Busy contract managers can quickly identify risk to their business in term sets and ensure compliance.
  • Highlight complementary capabilities and skill sets for teaming agreements. Prime contractors can efficiently compare capability statements and create a dictionary of relevant terms all from one central view.

If you’re a contract, proposal, quality, or program manager working with complex documentation, you will not want to miss this webinar.